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Dec 7, 2017 8:25 AM

Hello Everyone, I need help!

Hi guys!

I wanted to ask how can i embed my pdf file..?

I have tried it alot of time, i deleted the original find by mistake and all i have left is the pdf file, which too gets ruined when i try to change the format.

Can somebody tell me how to embed your pdf file without ruining it alltogether

i'm currently running on Mac osx Sierra.

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1. Dec 7, 2017 12:51 PM in response to: Aisha101
Re: Hello Everyone, I need help!

I think you're a bit confused. Embed a PDF file into what? It's possible to embed a PDF file in a web page or into another PDF. Adobe Acrobat allows a certain degree of editing a PDF. What are you trying to do, exactly?


By the way, working with only one source file is asking for the kind of trouble you find yourself in. At the end of each day I copy the day's work to a new file, filename_mmddyy, which I back up to a flash drive and in the cloud. But even without the off-drive backups I have files for all the previous days on the main drive. Worst case, the source file would be only one day out of date.

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2. Dec 7, 2017 12:55 PM in response to: Aisha101
Re: Hello Everyone, I need help!

Hi A,


You really can't edit a pdf file the way you want to.  If the original file is gone, you'll have to recreate it.  Depending on how complex you formatting is, you may be able to cut and paste from the pdf, or use an online pdf-to-word converter.  Keep in mind when you do this your formatting will have to be carefully redone.


When you have that, and you've made your corrections, you can remake your pdf file in final form.



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3. Dec 7, 2017 3:35 PM in response to: Aisha101
Re: Hello Everyone, I need help!

Which brings things back to: always have a copy of your file in a safe place.  As a general bit of advice, you should always work on copies.  Yes, you'll end up with lots of files, but having a safe, current, backup is cheap insurance.  I save my work often, and rename files at least once a day; for example: my_book_rev001.doc, my_book_rev002.doc, my_book_rev003.doc . . .  Sometimes I will append what might be different, for example, my_book_rev006_pagination.doc.


Over the years, PDF to Word conversions have gotten much better.  But things will never be perfect.  Headers can move around, sometimes a sentence might migrate.  You will have to be careful proofreading.  It is easy to overlook a moved sentence or paragraph.  One thing you can do is have the PDF file open or even printed out.  Then compare your new Word file to it.




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