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Jan 24, 2018 6:36 AM

Approved .. then NOT Approved?

Has anyone ever had this issue?


I assembled everything exactly as specified, uploaded my book ... had a few issues with the cover.  After several days, someone (Ellen, I believe) took a good hard look and discovered that the width of the cover was off by .003"!  Why this system isn't capabale telling you WHY a file other than "Some elements are beyond the safe zone." I have no clue. 


The cover got approved.  I made the title live. I ordered a bunch for the author and myself.  Looked great to me. Then the author found a couple things she wanted to adjust in the INTERIOR.  Nothing that would change the page count, she just didn't like how some of the layout looked in print.


I re-uploaded the interior ... then all **** broke loose!  Once again the system is telling me there's a cover issue!  I never tounched the cover file!  This brand new release has now been UNAVAILABLE for a week.  I call every day.  Support send a message to tech support, who then sends me the same damned message!


I FINALLY get someone who sends me a screenshot where the top title text on the back cover impinges the "safe line" by 3 pixels!  I edit the image by not only moving the text 3 pixles down but I change the font size and drop it another 5 pixels.


Yesterday, the same message. Send me to tech support. Get the same message.  This  is so flipping frustrating.


How can an image be approved and printed for one week suddenly NOT be approved and now we've lost a week of sales and I still have not book approved.

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1. Jan 24, 2018 8:04 AM in response to: AaronYeagle
Re: Approved .. then NOT Approved?

AaronYeagle wrote:

How can an image be approved and printed for one week suddenly NOT be approved[?]

Has anyone ever had this issue?

There have been numerous discussion about this, and many other members have experienced these inconsistencies. My firm is a publishing services provider, so we prepare and submit files almost every day on the behalf  of clients (not just to CreateSpace, but to Ingram and several other  printers). In the past couple of months, we've been getting some inexplicable  messages from CreateSpace reviewers.


None of us here can really know for sure any more than you do about why this is happening. My speculation is that there may be a lack of training as well as performance management issues associated with the closing of the North Charleston facility and transfer of operations to Columbia.


If you're absolutely certain that a file is trouble-free, sometimes it's worth simply resubmitting that same file again in hopes of getting a different reviewer, rather than trying to go through the various tiers of Support.

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2. Jan 24, 2018 9:50 AM in response to: AaronYeagle
Re: Approved .. then NOT Approved?

Just to expand on Lighthouse's answer . . .  When your files are reviewed, the reviewer could:

  • Find no mistakes, because there are none, and approve the project
  • Find no mistakes, when mistakes exist, and approve the project
  • Catch mistakes and:
    • give a warning if they are non-blocking
    • block the project
    • try to fix the mistakes
  • Think there's a problem when there isn't and:
    • give a warning if what he imagines is also non-blocking
    • block the project
    • try to fix the non-existent mistakes


To your post . . . When one of the two submitted files (cover & interior) is changed, both files are reviewed again:

  • If there had been a blocking issue that was overlooked before, it could be caught on this new review. 
  • The second reviewer could think there is a problem when there isn't one.


Another possibility . . . sometimes the revised and uploaded file does not replace the previous file:

  • both files can co-exist or
  • the original file simply is not replaced. 


Change the title of your revised files, add a date (e.g. my_book_interior_012418.pdf) or a revision number (my_book_interior_rev022.pdf).  Yes, the files should show the date they were modified/received, etc. But from experience, you best off when the title of the revised upload is different.


I am aware of four examples where the original file was not replaced; one happened to a book I did for a client.  There have been two similar complaints in the last month, however the OP's did not follow-up and confirm this, or they did and the thousands and thousands of spams swallowed up their follow-up posts.


As for CS's margins . . . I have had a  client's cover rejected (I did not make it) where a drop shadow of the  final letter of the title crossed into the out-of-live margin by several pixels. CS might well argue that 0.25" is the same as  0.25000000", in the context of measurements, as an engineer or scientist might consider them, it isn't, but then this is CS, not NASA.


Given the spam here, come on over to  selfpublishingforum.  It's free.  Many of us who answer questions here are active there.




Bleeds,  free, 91 page guide to bleeds, margins, covers, and annotated CreateSpace guidelines. Prepress Glossary: free, 79 page, fully illustrated prepress glossary with annotations for  CreateSpace users Type & Typography: free, 112 page illustrated guide to designing books, typography, with glossary, and type specimen pages  Free: list of free PDF downloads; selfpublishingforum: spam free forum. Contact  for graphics, design, and typesetting help.




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