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Feb 28, 2018 4:11 PM

Perhaps Marketing Should Begin With Editing?

I'm an avid and devoted reader, and I love reading books by indie authors. How excited I was when I received a Kindle Unlimited Trial offer! I could read all the books I wanted—for only $9.99 per month. And how disappointed I was that nine (9) out of ten (10) had spelling or grammatical errors in the "Look Inside The Book."


Kindle Unlimited is a good idea for new writers because of readers like me, but so far, too many of them are gorgeous covers filled with "there" for "their," incomplete sentences, and weird capitalized letters—like this one for example: "I envied my friend, she was becoming a successful Realtor."


I got my trial offer after I bought a new kindle—which I love dearly. And there are offers of Kindle Unlimited books, which are really attractively advertised by Amazon, each time I open my Kindle. They get my attention!


What a great marketing opportunity for unknown writers—your book is offered to many, many, people. We want to read your book, but regardless of how attractive the cover is—spelling and grammatical errors are a deal breaker.


So, perhaps successful marketing should begin with proper editing. And perhaps this is especially true if the book in enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

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1. Feb 28, 2018 5:37 PM in response to: ClaraBee
Re: Perhaps Marketing Should Begin With Editing?

Oh, you are so very correct!!  We, the regular contributors on this forum often point out to people that their work needs to have an editor work on it, and what do we get, we get comments back from them similar to "it's an original style" and "people won't mind the spelling errors as long as the story is interesting".  Some of us have virtually given up on attempting to help new authors because we have found this to be the prevalent attitude.  Oh, there are a few folks who take constructive criticism well and do something with it, but these people are a rarity.


Anyway, please review the books you find like that, point out the spelling errors, misused words, poor grammar, poor formatting, and other faults.  After these people get enough 1-star reviews, they may learn to improve their work.  In addition, your negative review can help the next potential purchaser.  Before I download a Kindle edition of a book I always search the reviews for specific words like I just used "spelling errors", "misused words" and so on.  And, like you, I also study the Look Inside before I download.


Keep up your good work.




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