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May 7, 2018 12:07 PM

Pixels set in Word

The internal reviewer is telling me my pictures are not enough pixels, but I can't see how to change it in Word. It does not give me that option. Does anyone have a suggestion for how I can change my pixels? Thank you!

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1. May 8, 2018 9:26 AM in response to: GinaB94
Re: Pixels set in Word

There are two small, free, programs that let you check and resize images: xnView and irfanView. Here is a screenshot of irFanView's Resize Image dialogue box:





Set or check:


  • The width and height you want (A).
  • Preserve the aspect ratio (B).
  • The resolution (C).
  • If you are resizing, select resample.
    • Generally, most of us find the slowest methods are best.



Some programs will use ppi (pixels per inch) not dpi (dots per inch).


You can, of course use a full feature graphics program for this (GIMP (free), Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, etc.).  These might be better, because sometimes images soften if you increase their resolution a lot, and the shapening features are better.


Given the spam here, come on over to  selfpublishingforum.  It's free.  Many of us who answer questions here are active there.




Bleeds,  free, 91 page guide to bleeds, margins, covers, and annotated CreateSpace guidelines. Prepress Glossary: free, 79 page, fully illustrated prepress glossary with annotations for  CreateSpace users Type & Typography: free, 112 page illustrated guide to designing books, typography, with glossary, and type specimen pages  Free: list of free PDF downloads; selfpublishingforum: spam free forum. Contact  for graphics, design, and typesetting help.



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2. May 8, 2018 10:03 AM in response to: GinaB94
Re: Pixels set in Word

I should add that Word wants to "compress" your images, but what it really does is downsize your images.  You must disable image compression.  How, varies with the version of Word you have.  Usually, File > Options > Advanced > Image size and quality > Compress images in this document. Also, do not use Word's Save as PDF, this will downsize your images.  Use a PDF conversion program (primoPDF, doPDF, cutePDF, PDF995, etc.)




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