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May 8, 2018 5:49 AM

Converting a Create Space Print Book File to a PDF with edited changes that KDP will accept

My less than 'seamless' process, its been 2 weeks, trying to get my published print book files migrated to KDP to publish my print book. They are already publishing the ebook version of my Create Space book.


After it being stuck in a glitch when automatically transferring it from CSpace, I ordered a physical copy and it looked fined.  I decided I needed to make some changes to the file -minor proof reading- and coverted to WORD to do so, and then back to PDF and, of course, in the process ran into it not being accepted at KDP this time. Same file, just made changes. That was the mistake.


So, after many hours talking back and forth between CSpace and KDP,  and telling me that if I wanted to covert the file now, with changes, I would have to reupload it after putting it through Adobe Acrobat and editing it as PDF, or, using Adobe Acrobat to switch back and forth between Word and PDF to make any proof reading changes.


So I ordered the trial version, and my question is:


Can I download the High Resolution PDF file that is being used to print my book now, and make the proofing changes, and re-upload this CSpace file again since I made the changes on the PDF and therefore shouldn't run into the glitches because it was never switch back and forth from pdf, TO WORD, AND pdf back again?


I am really stuck because I would like to make these proofing changes before I publish it on KDP.



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Do you, for some reason, not have the original Word file from which you created the original PDF that you uploaded to CreateSpace? That is what you should be editing. PDFs are not designed to be edited.


You need to go back to your original source document, make the changes there, and then generate a new PDF. Review that PDF very carefully, then upload it to CreateSpace.


And I'm not really clear on where KDP is fitting into what you're trying to do. There's no reason to do print through both CS and KDP Print, and trying to use a PDF for an ebook is a recipe for disaster. Please explain exactly what you're trying to do, for which edition, through which company.


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