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May 15, 2018 10:36 AM

Wholesale distribution list. Book in stores

Curious since some of the posts I came across were several years old exactly what the current process is for books on wholesale lists. Do createspace books with createspace isbn's get listed on lists for bookstores? Can bookstores only find them through createspace/amazon or can they find them through the list like ingram spark?


How could I look my book up to see the wholesale price?


I want to pitch my coloring book to a few local bookstores but I am unsure how I can tell them to order it. Is there a way they can order a createspace title with createspace ISBN from anywhere wholesale other than createspace? What is the cost? What info do I give them?


Can I sell my copies at a mark up to them or is this typically done consignment? Do bookstores normally sell for the same asking price as on Amazon or do they mark it up?


Any information on marketing to physical stores that is current as of 2017/2018 would be super helpful.

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1. May 15, 2018 1:53 PM in response to: Mehu
Re: Wholesale distribution list. Book in stores

It looks like your book is enrolled in EDC (Expanded Distribution). This lists it in the Ingram catalogue (the largest book distributor in the US). Most US bookstores should have an Ingram account and they can order the book through there. You don't need to be involved. Just be aware that bookstores are used to books being returnable, and receiving a larger wholesale discount than provide through CS's EDC.


The other option is to act as your own distributor and negotiate terms and discounts directly with bookstores, then ordering the books yourself and either drop-shipping them to the bookstore from your CS account, or shipping them to yourself so you can inspect each copy and then sending them on to the bookstore.


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3. May 16, 2018 12:26 PM in response to: Mehu
Re: Wholesale distribution list. Book in stores

Mehu wrote:


So it does show up in Ingram?

It should since it's in EDC and that's what EDC does, list it in the Ingram catalogue.

So I could just make them a sheet with my ISBN and info and give them a sample copy and if they want it they can order it on their own?


Is there a way I can look it up on Ingram and see what it looks like and what it sells for?

Not without an Ingram account (and you're not a bookstore or retailer, so you can't get one).


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