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Jun 14, 2018 5:40 AM

Using Search Inside the Book to improve cover

Hi everyone,


So I received a proof of my book and the cover looks GREAT. The problem is, it doesn't look very good on Amazon's website. It looks blurry and a bit pixelated. I read on this forum that one way to fix that is to upload your cover via the "Search Inside the Book" program. Well, I did and when 10 days had gone by with no change, I contacted them to ask them to upload the JPG cover and that that's all I really need uploaded since the search inside feature was already uploaded via Createspace. They said that they do not upload cover images for people who have printed their books through Createspace. Has anyone else had this problem??


Thank you.

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1. Jun 14, 2018 7:07 AM in response to: Nadia01
Re: Using Search Inside the Book to improve cover

Two things to be aware of:


1. The initial front cover image that appears on the Amazon product page is 2D, low resolution, and highly compressed. Once Amazon completes the entire product page (several weeks), they exchange this for the higher resolution, less compressed, (i.e., better quality) 3D "Look Inside" front cover image. So if your book is relatively new, you may not have seen that better quality version yet.


2. Even with this higher quality cover image, some blurring, pixelation, and loss of detail is unavoidable. This is because the product page cover image is using considerably fewer pixels to render the cover. For example, if your book's trim size were 6x9, the original print-ready front cover you submitted would be made up of more than 4.8 million pixels. In contrast, the front cover image on the book's Amazon product page is made up of no more than about 80 thousand pixels (meaning it contains a LOT less detail -- roughly every 60 pixels on the printed cover have to be merged into just a single pixel on the product page cover image).


With that in mind, one of the "new" challenges of cover design over the past 20 years of so has been to create covers that not only look beautiful on the book itself, but that also can be radically downsampled and compressed, and yet still remain effective in the thumbnail sizes displayed on retail websites.

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3. Jun 14, 2018 3:32 PM in response to: Nadia01
Re: Using Search Inside the Book to improve cover

Nadia01 wrote:

Also, do you have any experience with uploading a JPG cover via the Search Inside the Book program?

Yes, but only for projects fed to Amazon through the Advantage program (not for anything submitted through CreateSpace).


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