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Jul 13, 2018 4:17 PM

Has anyone else had a horrible experience with DHL?

My last shipment - to me in Toronto Ontario Canada - was sent by DHL to Ontario California.  It is now navigating the Los Angeles Gateway on it's way - the LONG way - back to Ontario Canada. 


I find this at once bizarre - and terribly incompetent.  I suggested to Createspace that maybe DHL is in the wrong business.  They think they're shippers but they're really failed comedians.


Createspace very responsibly offered to refund my shipping fees, but I think maybe they should get another shipper, one that can at least read a shipping label.


And yes, the question is rhetorical.  I've read a number of DHL horror stories on line.


Will I ever get my shipment?  I just hope there isn't another city in the States named Toronto....


Or a comedian with the initials DHL....

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1. Jul 14, 2018 7:27 AM in response to: Alienist
Re: Has anyone else had a horrible experience with DHL?

to Americans, the world exists just within the USA. for instance the evening "world news" on tv channels -- is 90% about USA.

local news is state news, world news is USA news.

so you see -- if it's destined for Ontario -- it has to be Ontario within the USA, by default.

i do not blame DHL. they were justified in assuming it was Ontario, California.

i think you are too harsh.

as a canadian, please consider apologizing to the americans for appropriating the name ontario -- which rightfully belongs to a city in california -- for yourself.

( smileys...or LOLs.... spoken with a straight face)

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2. Jul 14, 2018 9:30 PM in response to: some1
Re: Has anyone else had a horrible experience with DHL?

Yikes, some1, Ontario, Canada was around a few years before Ontario, California.


Ontario's History. The township of Ontario, California was founded in September of 1882 by brothers George and William B. Chaffey, and named after their hometown, Ontario, Canada. ... In 1903, Ontario was proclaimed a “Model Irrigation Colony” by an Act of Congress.


Ontario's History | City of Ontario, California




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