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Feb 22, 2009 8:38 AM

Just a complaint about Royalties

Ok, maybe I am a little perturbed about this issue.  Overall the experience here has been pretty awesome. I had a lot complicated issues solved through the community, but here's the deal.  I am little upset that CS doesn't have a way to split royalty checks between two authors.  I am a co-author of a book I am about to publish here in a month or so, but they do not give you an option where you and your co-author can split the checks.  Now some of you are probably saying well just send him his money when the checks come in and that's that.  Well that does make sense, but when taxes come rolling around whether filing monthly, quarterly or yearly, it is easier for both of us to file separately as earned income rather than me trying to figure out all this crap together, because we donate a certain part of our sales to a major conservation group.  For me it just make more sense for us to split the costs of that and be able to be even all the way around in taxes. I hope someone can understand what I am getting at, which is why don't they add a way to to split a 50/50 royalties between 2 authors, or find away for multiple authors to do the same.  Also, just a quick note, having a paypal or other payment group available for royalties would be good too.  I hope all this info isn't on here somewhere where I don't look foolish, but I can't find any.  So what how do you guys and dolls feels?

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1. Feb 22, 2009 9:29 PM in response to: Merek
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties

I don't think it should be CreateSpace's responsibility to divide checks. They are here for us to self-publish and in order to keep our prices down, we take added responsibility for the creation and promotion of our books. There's no reason why we shouldn't have the responsibility of handling dividing our payments to whomever we choose.


You could have the checks sent to an accountant and have the accountant split them.

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3. Feb 22, 2009 11:06 PM in response to: Merek
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties

Exactly as you have said: Paypal = Ebay.


But CreateSpace = Amazon.


And as you might know Amazon and Ebay are heavy competitors


So this will probably never happen.

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Jan 1, 2009
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5. Feb 22, 2009 11:31 PM in response to: Merek
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties



I'll agree with you about having a PayPal option. That would be convenient. I actually use my PayPal account more than I do my bank account. I have a few advertising companies that pay me through PayPal and I have a PayPal debit card.


CS might should look at value-added options in the future where they can charge for the service, in which your suggestion on offering to split payments would be a good recommendation for them. In the immediate future, CS needs to focus on correcting common problems that many of us encounter. Their customer support is slow, but they have addressed any problems I have raised with them.


Some of the problems I have encountered are:


1) The description of my book did not contain paragraph breaks when submitted to Amazon, so my description ran together. It looked unprofessional. CS contacted Amazon and had this corrected within a few days.


2) While minor, my book image on Amazon was cropped incorrectly. I haven't raised this issue, as it's minor and I don't think anyone other than myself would notice.


3) One of my orders was taking longer than usual to print and ship. After contacting CS, my order was printed and shipped the day they responded to me (two day response).


4) The incorrect version of my book was submitted to Amazon's "Search Inside" feature, which was a huge deal for me. I had a misspelling on the back cover, a change on the copyright page, and a modified front cover. I had made these changes and ordered a second proof before giving the go-ahead to publish my book. My proof came back correct and regular orders were printed with the correct version. It was only the "Search Inside" version that was incorrect. I received a response from customer support within two days, but was told my issue was being escalated. It took another day or two for someone else to contact me. They sincerely apologized for the error, told me that it was a combination of automated and human error, and that they were contacting Amazon to have my book's "Search Inside" feature expedited with the correct copy. They acknowledged it would still take a couple weeks to show the correct version, but it is better than having to wait for the normal eight weeks.


5) Some of the books I order end up having the corners of the book damaged during shipment. The damages are minor, but they are still damages. I would like to see some type of improvement in packaging the books.


A feature I would like to see is the ability to have all my books appear on one CS store instead of having only an individual CS store for each of my books. Right now I don't advertise my CS store partially due to this reason.


I am afraid to update any of my book's information (price or description) through CS because I'm afraid it will mess up the information on Amazon (such as messing up the book description paragraph spacing on Amazon).


I read complaints about Amazon sales sometimes not showing on CS, although I can't say I have this problem or if I do, I'm not aware of it. I have also read complaints about the front cover of some books having severe curling issue, although I haven't encountered anything major myself. My two books have only been out for a month, so I'm still new to CS.


I hope that CS will address and correct existing problems before adding new features. I have been frustrated with CS a few times, but I do like their service. If it hadn't been for CS, I don't think I would have published my books.


Unfortunately, I don't see a PayPal option anytime soon, if at all. Amazon (CS) and eBay (PayPal) are competitors. 


- Dave

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7. Feb 23, 2009 5:57 AM in response to: Merek
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties

Paypal is not possible, amazon and ebay being competitors.


Maybe amazon payment is quite a possibility, they can use its services.

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9. Feb 27, 2010 8:02 PM in response to: Wicked
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties

How aften does createspace issue royalty checks?

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10. Feb 27, 2010 8:17 PM in response to: JuliePerez
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties

CS issues cheques once your after-tax royalty exceeds $20, but they aren't sent out immediately once you reach that total. Rather, they are sent out toward the end of the month after your royalty reaches that total.


Eg. you earn $30.00 is January, your tax withheld is 30%, so you receive a cheque for $21.00 at the end of February.


The tax amount might vary depending on whether you have provided CS with all the required information and if your country has a tax treaty.


If you are within the US, you also pay an $8.00 cheque fee. This is waived for international members. Direct bank deposits for US members are the preferred payment method and do not incur fees.





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11. Mar 29, 2010 8:47 AM in response to: lipmag
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties

Are the Createspace or Amazon elite going to join the modern world and add a paypal-like option for distributing earned funds?


How about There are a few others too.


Can anyone over there answer this question?


We should be able to OPT OUT of their taxation stewardship.

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12. Aug 4, 2010 11:12 AM in response to: Merek
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties


I'm so glad to have found this discussion.  And, "thank you", Merek, for taking the brunt of it for us.  I would be a 'happy camper' if I could set up a book (through CreateSpace) so that I would get what's 'mine' and a co-author could get what's 'his/hers'.  Each co-author would then be free from any tax or payment entanglement with the other party.  If, for example, each co-author has his/her own bank account, wouldn't this eliminate the need for using any 'payment service'? - Vintage

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13. Aug 4, 2010 1:33 PM in response to: Merek
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties

Createspace has a contract with the person who set up the account.  They do not have a contract with your co-author, editor, proofreader, cover artist, dog groomer, or anyone else remotely involved in the project.  It is a vendor/vendee relationship.  The vendor, you, provides a product to the vendee, CS.  CS pays you for the sales.


If you owe money to other people, then it is your responsibility to handle the accounting, not CS.  Just because it is "easier for you" doesn't really mean CS should engage in additional accounting and legal headaches to appease you (and yes, there are additional accounting and legal headaches for them to consider.)  You have one book, and you are overencumbered by the paperwork? CS is dealing with tens of thousands of international vendors and has to track tax law around the world.  I actually sell ebooks through a different site that at one point was going to do something like this, but then dropped the plans due to the coding, accounting, and legal nightmares involved.


I would like a paypal option, but you know I have a business account with a debit card so if I want to use my paypal account to pay for something, I can.  It's not really a deal breaker for me.  As an aside, I doubt the ebay connection has anything to do with why CS doesn't use paypal.  Mobipocket is also owned by Amazon, and they have an option to pay vendors via paypal.  So it must be some other logistical reason why CS doesn't take paypal.

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14. Aug 4, 2010 1:53 PM in response to: bardsandsages
Re: Just a complaint about Royalties

I completely agree with bards . . .


In fact, I don't want CreateSpace to add extra unnecessary services like this, because ultimately someone has to pay for them.   I don't want to see my price go up / royalties go down to pay for more accounting staff, more printing, and more postage.


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