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Aug 6, 2018 7:14 AM

Page numbers moving to interior edges in proof/reviewer?

Hey there!


I am self-publishing my debut novel using CreateSpace for the first time. I have my book set at 6x9 with 1in margins all around, and alternating page numbers on the outside bottom edges -- at least, that's what it looks like in my PDF. When I put it through the interior formatting reviewer, the page numbers are now alternating on the inside edge, by the gutter. Anyone know why that is? I've moved margins around, done some re-sizing, and still after the review and when I download my proof, the page numbers are on the inside edges. Any help or insight would be much appreciated! I'm about to publish without page numbers at all because I don't like the look of them on the inner edges. Thank you!!

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1. Aug 6, 2018 7:30 AM in response to: audreytaylorward
Re: Page numbers moving to interior edges in proof/reviewer?

Without seeing the PDF, it is impossible to know the cause for certain. But the most common reason for this issue is an extra blank page in the front matter (before page numbering begins). The extra page is usually the result of one of these three things:

(1) source document included an incorrect type of section break in the front matter and a blank page is being inserted unexpected to accommodate that;

(2) source document was set up to begin on an even-numbered page rather than an odd-numbered page, reversing the page number locations;

(3) source document started with a blank page (many self-publishers mistakenly assume than the inside of the front cover is a book page to be included in the interior file).

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3. Aug 6, 2018 10:56 AM in response to: audreytaylorward
Re: Page numbers moving to interior edges in proof/reviewer?

When you make your PDF, look at it very carefully.  Word has a kind of corruption where you will not see an extra blank page in the Word file, but it will show up in the PDF.  These are generally near or just before Section Breaks.


Always make and upload a PDF.  Always check your PDF very very very carefully.  Page by page.  Line by line.


You can see where they are, if you look at the lower left corner of the Word desktop. You'll see Page X of Y.  If you scroll page by page through your book, these numbers will increment: Page 27 of 250, Page 28 of 250, Page 29 of 250 . . . . But if you have this kind of corruption, you book pages might be 27, 28, 29 . . .  but you might see Page 27 of 250, Pge 29 of 250, Page 30 of 250 . . . And, in this example, you'll have a blank page in front of your page 28.  Change the next Section Break > Next Page, to Section Break > Continuous.  See if that works.


Or you can remove the blnak page from the PDF, which is generally easier.  But don't forget that you did this.  If you later, you make a few changes to your book, it is easy to forget, and find yourself facing this problem again.


Also . . . before you begin to fix this, make a copy of your file, and work with a copy.  Always work with a copy.  Make hunderds of copies.  Always keep as clean a current backup file as possible.  I rename the copies: my_book_rev001.doc,  my_book_rev002.doc,  my_book_rev003.doc . . .


Given the spam here, come on over to  selfpublishingforum.  It's free.  Many of us who answer questions here are active there.




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