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Aug 31, 2018 9:57 AM

Extra blank page in pdf of book

When I create the PDF of my manuscript OR when CreateSpace creates the PDF, an extra page is inserted in the middle of the book during the internal review process.    

How do I remove that extra page?

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1. Aug 31, 2018 11:24 AM in response to: GB06
Re: Extra blank page in pdf of book

Whenever I've had random blank pages show up in the PDF, it was caused by the page breaks I inserted in the Word document. They were such a pain to fix that I don't remember the exact steps I took, but if that's your issue, fiddle around with them or do some Googling. It could also be due to the type of file your original manuscript is saved as (the one that gets converted to PDF). I personally had issues with everything except one file type. All others caused text on some pages in the PDF to move, which left chunks of blank space.

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2. Sep 30, 2018 9:24 PM in response to: Auzora25
Re: Extra blank page in pdf of book

Mine was also related to breaks I'd placed in my book, but my Page Breaks were fine, it was my Section Break that was causing the issue. That was because I was trying to have page numbers in one section (the body of the book) and no page numbers in another (the front matter). If that's the issue, this has worked for me every time:

Setting PAGE NUMBERS at the bottom of the page in Word:


1.      Create a section break at the end of all the front matter.


2.      On the bottom of the first page you want numbered, open the footer by double clicking (you have to be close to the visual bottom of the page).


3.      Unlink to the previous section. If you want the page numbers right/left justified rather than centered, you also have to select Different Odd & Even Pages.


4.      Click on the body text of the first page you want numbered (NOT in the footer section!!), select Insert on top toolbar, then Page Number, then the style you want. It will bring up the Header and Footer Tools Design bar. Open Page Number (toward the left). Select Format page numbers. Select Start at and enter the number that you want to show as the first page (1, or if you want the book’s numbering to start on page 5, enter 5, etc.).


5.      If you want the page numbers centered, you are done.


6.      If you want the page numbers right/left justified, make sure you are in the correct position (left justified or right justified) where you want this first number to appear. Open Page Number again. Select Current Position. Select the style of number you want.


7.      Go to page 2. Make sure you are in the correct position (opposite of before) and select Current Position.


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