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Oct 21, 2013 1:46 PM

Creating a Facebook page for your book...

Hello CreateSpacers,


I am enjoying the initial month of sales for my book.  However, I have questions about marketing.  I would like to create a Facebook page for the book.  However, I can't seem to find the category for doing it. 


Would this be a "fan" page or a business page?  What category would I use?


Thanks for any help that you can offer -- and a "link" (or set of links) would be extremely helpful!


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1. Oct 21, 2013 2:22 PM in response to: faithfulbooks
Re: Creating a Facebook page for your book...

Assuming you already have a personal Facebook page (and this is a requirement to set up a book page), then go to to get started. Choose Artist/Band/Public figure to set up an Author page, or Brand/Product to set up a Book page.


If you have only one or multiple, unrelated books, an Author page is a good option so you only need to maintain one page on Facebook. If your book is part of a series, a Product page just for that series is best.





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2. Oct 21, 2013 2:24 PM in response to: faithfulbooks
Re: Creating a Facebook page for your book...

Anything other than a Facebook Profile actually is a Fanpage, whether it's a business page, author page or whatever it is you decide to 'categorize' it as.


Take a look at the beginning of the following thread (it'll give you a step by step on how to create a fanpage (whether it's a business page, an author page, a book page, whatever - same will apply for any page you create):




Also, you'll find plenty of info (free videos, etc) if you do a search on google for "how to set up a facebook page".


As far as marketing advice - this is a topic many folks have problems/difficulty with. I share the following information regularly with the community:


Purchase some good marketing books (some of which are listed in the suggested links below), read them, and put into action what you learn! This WILL require time and effort, but this will be the least expensive way & actually better for the long-term.


It all starts with knowing where you are going and what your expectations are = seriously think about developing a marketing plan.


Check out the following threads, it should help you with brainstorming ideas:


"When is a good time to start promoting your work before you publish?"


"Your top 3 or 4 marketing tips for a newbie?"


"Developing the Proper Mindset & Marketing Plan"


"Information on how to market using Facebook:"


Hope you find this information helpful/useful.


-- Eric



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