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Sep 11, 2018 8:36 AM

Tired of Beating Around the Bush.  Can Anyone Help Me?

Hello Createspace Community,


I have been struggling to properly format a friend's 6"x9" comic book, which somehow, every time it's submitted, is always WRONG to the Createspace reviewers.  Instead of direct examples, I keep receiving these darn Kindle formatted templates, instead of a real example of how it's supposed to be done.  The pages are in Bleed, and so are supposed to spill over the "safe" areas, and I meticulously spent time checking everything to make sure that none of the text is cut off.  I meticulously filled in the spaces after the "safe" area because I know that's going to be cut off--but what the heck is the problem?!


I've submitted it to them with white edges, and was told that if it was printed in Bleed it'd give white borders to the cutoff areas.  I've submitted it again with the bleed area spilling over into what I thought was okay for Kindle.  I'm sorry to be ranting, but this is honestly driving me insane and I'm about to switch POD platforms, even though I really want to use Createspace for its easy selling channels.  Could anyone help me please?  Is there something I can write to the company to get the book published?  Their instructions are hideously unclear, they have no live examples to help, and frankly their "rejections" are just bipolar in nature.  They can't seem to decide what it is they want me to do.


Createspace, if you're listening to this, please start giving us real exmaples to use instead of these hideously unclear Kindle templates.  They're not helping, and neither are cold replies which don't really tell us what it is we're supposed to be doing anyway.  And please, make up your mind about the Bleed areas!  I think that if the computer check says it's fine, it's fine!  Let me publish my material already!  Better yet, why not just make 6"x9" templates rather than force us to use a custom template?  It'd make everything much easier!  Last but not least, please have a toll-free number available for overseas numbers on the site because Skype just decided to make it difficult for me to buy more minutes!  It's very unfair to those of us living overseas!


Thanks in advance!

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1. Sep 11, 2018 10:29 AM in response to: prism-girl
Re: Tired of Beating Around the Bush.  Can Anyone Help Me?

CreateSpace is in the process of being rolled into KDP Print, so don't count on any help from them.


As to what may be the problem, some images would help. If you could upload some screen shots of your interior to a website like Fotobucket or something and link them here, we may be able to help sort out the issue.


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