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Sep 14, 2018 6:39 PM

Template vs 'Bleed' confusion for photos

I'm making a photo book with very little, if any, text. I've downloaded the 8.5"x 8.5" template which seems formatted for a text-only book, that is, with margins well inside the 8.5 x 8.5 inches. But the article on printing images intended to 'bleed' seems to say that the image file should be larger than 8.5", to allow for the bleed. How will my files fit into the template? Or should I expect to create a Word file template of my own  and disregard the template offered by Create Space?

Thanks for any input.


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1. Sep 18, 2018 3:53 AM in response to: BzPix
Re: Template vs 'Bleed' confusion for photos


I am in the process of publishing a book with full page images with full bleed in a 5x8" sized template. I use Microsoft Office 365 Word. I ensure the program is set to a default whereby images are inserted at full resolution and 'compression' is turned off.

I work with the template at the actual size - but size each Full Page, Full Bleed image to be 0.125" by 8.250", 300 dpi. in Adobe Photoshop. Full Bleed images have to be 0.125x0.250" larger than the page size of the book.

I then 'Insert' the image into the template on the page it is intended to go.

Under the Format tab, choose Sizing... then 'Re-set' to 100%.

In 'Text Wrapping' tab, set image to be 'In front' of the text, if you have no text on that page.

In 'Position' tab set the image to be placed either to the 'right' (for even page number) or 'left' (odd page number) to the 'Page' and then 'Centre' the image to the 'Page' in the boxes under this heading.


The image should now bleed over the actual size of the page to be the same size as the pages before the Trim has been applied by Createspace. You will lose 0.125" x 0.125" x 0.125" of the image on the top, bottom and outer edge of the page. The image will bleed beyond your trim size of 8.5x8.5". Ignore the margins set for text for this.

If your image is not a full bleed image then, I think, you have to keep it sized within the margins set for text. I am struggling with this for some of my smaller images right now.

The Interior Viewer doesn't help very much with full colour printing, it indicates everything is accepted, you submit for review but the submission is then rejected. If you get this far you can get personal advice by e-mail ... but you have to have a fully formatted Cover uploaded before this is possible. Very frustrating!


When I tried to enlarge the template and work with 5.125x8.250" to incorporate the bleed, the Internal Viewer indicated I hadn't sized the pages correctly, so they had done this for me... but it disrupted the page layouts, it didn't work.


Hoping this helps a bit... and good luck.

Pam Brown

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Nov 7, 2013
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2. Sep 19, 2018 5:02 AM in response to: BzPix
Re: Template vs 'Bleed' confusion for photos

Hello again,

The information in the previous reply from me is misleading and incorrect with regard to resizing a page for full bleed images. It will result in a file's submission being rejected by CS.


I have, by trial and error, now discovered the correct way one should submit a file with full bleed images in it. The Interior Viewer accepted it and I have submitted for review.


I also learned that smaller images need to be kept within the text margins; the Interior Viewer registers them as being out of the live area if they bleed into the margins but not into a full bleed beyond the edge of the page. It also causes rejection in the File Submission process.


For a book with full bleed, full page images, it is necessary to enlarge the template you are working in by 0.125" on each of the top and bottom margins and by 0.125" on the width... unless you have a PDF program that can do this at the PDF stage. I don't have this facility.


I enlarged the template in Word in the Layout tab - e.g: if your outer margin in the normal template is 0.5, reset this to 0.625"; the gutter  (inner margin) depends on the number of pages in the book - this can remain the same. If the normal Header & Footer (top and bottom margins) are set at 1", reset each of these to 1.125".


However,  it is also necessary to then ensure that your Header's and Footers are set to place Header text and Footer page numbers within the live area of the actual size of the book you want to print. This can be done within the Layout tab - add 0.125" to the placement of Header or Footer from the edges of the page, e.g - if the text is set to be 0.3" from the edge of the page, reset it to 0.425" top and bottom ... this will bring the text back within the live area for the actual book size.


Set each full bleed image to be centred on the page, and aligned to be either to the right or left of the page, depending on whether or not it is an odd page or even page number. Keep smaller images within the text margins. I found using the grid helpful for this as one can clearly see where the margins start.


Apologies for my first reply... hope it hasn't wasted too much of your time. Good Luck.


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