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Mar 9, 2014 3:51 PM

How many words per page on a paper back book 6x9?

How do I know how many words will be in each chapter in comparison to my computer?  Or how can I estimate how pages my chapters will be in kindle format.  For instance on my computer if a chapter is 12 pages can I expect it to be 24 when condensed to kindle or paper back book 6x9?

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1. Mar 9, 2014 4:20 PM in response to: dede50
Re: How many words per page on a paper back book 6x9?

Experts in book production have techniques for estimating the number of pages at a given size; the process is called "casting off." Before word processors and page-layout programs, it was important, especially because the printing method might require the number of pages to be a multiple of 16, 32, or even 64. (CS printing requires that the number be a multiple of 4, including the two pages that CS adds.)  It was also a bit difficult, because the average length of words varies from manuscript to manuscript.


On your computer, you can short-cut the process, using your actual text. Define a 6×9 page with the margins your finished book will have (see this page for the minimum, but you may want larger margins). Choose your typeface and size, and either accept the default line spacing or set it explicitly. If your book will have running heads, set those up. Figure out where the page numbers will go and insert them. Import your text, print a page, cut it to size, and see how you like it. Change the margins, typeface, and size if you want to, and when you're satisfied, have the word processor count the words on the sample page. Divide that into the total number of words and you will be close to the number of pages, but not exact. Then add the page count for all the front matter (title page, copyright page, dedication page, whatever) and back matter (acknowledgments, list of your other books, etc.). Then allow a few more if each chapter will begin on a new page.


This will get you close enough to start.


Page count is irrelevant in a kindle book, because screen sizes vary and the user can choose the font and its size.

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3. Mar 12, 2014 6:31 PM in response to: dede50
Re: How many words per page on a paper back book 6x9?

I had a similar problem, because the pages are smaller and some one line sentences were finishing up with only one word in the second line. It was a bit of re-thinking. My best idea to solve the overall problem was to print the same written page A4 and print the 6x9 book page if you have it on your PDF or Microsoft Word.

To tell you the amount of words, depends on the margin you are using. Is it 3cm, or 2.5cm, or 2cm? So more margin, less words, because the wider marging requires more space. Now to line space and the same rule applies. The single line space gives you more words to write per page than the 1.5 line. Font size is usually 12, BUT if it is a chapter page you write in a larger font the heading and that takes away some space plus an extra line space to the first paragraph. Also last but not least, if you are writing with indent, you write a heck of a lot more per page than using an added space line between paragraphs. Have fun.       


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