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Aug 4, 2009 8:29 AM

How Much Does a Proof Cost?

Once I get my files ready for submission, I'll want to see a printed proof before releasing it for publication. Can anybody tell me the costs associated with submitting my files and getting that first proof? Also, how much will it cost me to resubmit the files after I make corrections? I hope I'm asking my question clearly. I haven't been able to find specific numbers on this, and the intro video doesn't mention that part of the process at all. Thanks!

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1. Aug 4, 2009 8:35 AM in response to: Grrl
Re: How Much Does a Proof Cost?

The cost of the books is actually the author price after manufacturing is figured in. There's no way to gauge that exactly unless you know how to use CS's price per page estimate (there's a cost per page on here somewhere).  There is no cost to upload the files. You just upload your interior files, then create your cover, submit them for review. Before you actually submit, you will see how much the book will cost to make which will be the cost of the proof. Then you can decide how much royalty to add to that price but you will never pay more than manufacturing (well shipping of course is extra). After the files are reviewed and if they pass, then you will have to order a proof before it's approved for publication anyway.


After you do this, there is no charge for correcting or uploading a corrected file but everytime you do you will be required to order a new proof.

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2. Aug 4, 2009 10:12 AM in response to: Grrl
Re: How Much Does a Proof Cost?

The cost of proof copies is the same as your calculated charges (plus shipping) as shown for books under the Pricing & Royalties tab here:


There are no set-up or upload fees, and CS provides no custom services to "fix" the files you submit -- they either accept and print them "as is," or reject them with (a sometimes cryptic) explanation.  ProPlan is the only up-front cost (and is optional), but you must purchase the plan for a given title before you place any orders for that title in order for the lower pricing to apply.


Hope the helps.  Welcome to the community and good luck with your project.

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4. Aug 4, 2009 6:43 PM in response to: Grrl
Re: How Much Does a Proof Cost?

Grrl wrote:


Thanks both of you for your quick replies. I just want to make sure I understand you, because I thought I had seen something about a $35 fee to submit a cover, and a $35 fee to submit an interior pages file, and then a $30 fee to print the first copy for approvaI before publication...


Those are Lightning Source's submission fees, not for CreateSpace.


it sounds like you're saying that there is no charge for submission of files, and if I want to get a sample/proof book, I just pay whatever my normal per copy price is based on the size/page count of the book. So, if my single copy price was $8.00, then I would just submit my completed files and order a copy for $8, correct? After that, if I want to make corrections, I would just make the changes, resubmit the files, and once again order another copy of the book for $8 (or whatever the actual price is). Is that accurate?


Yes, that's correct, plus the shipping charges.


Also, my understanding of the pro plan is that it lets the author purchase copies for direct distribution at a lower fee and also increases the author's royalties on books sold through Amazon or CS. Is that accurate?



Spot on!


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